Nomad Dreams

What We Do

Do you own a property you currently rent through Airbnb, but find it too time consuming as passive income?

Do you want to rent out your property on Airbnb, but aren’t sure if you’ll have the time?

Are you currently struggling to garner positive reviews?

We’re here to help you will any/all of these issues. We’re here to manage your listing, while building up your prominence on the site, maintaining excellent reviews in the process.

Through our experience of renting a four-condo property in South Padre Island, we’ve learned the art of effective communication. We’ve learned the importance of preventing issues, and dealing with ones that come up as promptly as possible.

We offer three main packages, but we are willing to work with you on your custom desired level of services.

About Brittney

Brittney is here as your main consultant. Fast, empathetic communication is my #1 priority to ensure that guests have the best experience possible.